Multi-city, multi-operator and multi-purpose self-driving trial providing a combination of passenger and logistics services.


The project will undertake a multi-city, multi-operator and multi-purpose self-driving trial providing a combination of passenger and logistics services across two sites (the NEC and Coventry University). The self-driving vehicles will use a common self-driving solution including: A lift-and-shift vehicle automation stack, An advanced asset management system, andA mobility/freight as a service (MaaS/FaaS) app. The self-driving fleets will be supported by a 5G based remote monitoring and tele-operation (RMTO) service to ensure the safe transition to autonomous driving.

The Route NEC

CAV Technology Provider and Project Management: Conigital

Conigital have expertise in automating vehicles and providing  a “Lift and Shift” driverless vehicle platform for any vehcile via retrofit or custum build and providing the supporting systems to enable large scale deployments.  Conigital’s role comprises:

Project lead & management
Remote Monitoring and Teleoperation (RMTO) System
Provision of AV enabled vehicle and software stack
Testing support
Assessment on Public Road

Test & Development Provider - WMG

WMG have experience in developing high integrity automotive solutions as well as AV developmentvand testing. WMG role comprises:

  • Recommendation of base AV manoeuvres prior to RMTO
  • Safety assessment of the RMTO solution
  • Provision of additional AV enabled vehicles to support system assessment
  • Testing facilities and equipment
  • Scenario test plan
  • Independent testing of RMTO
  • 5G Technology assessment
  • Recommendations reports for CCAV

Testing in a virtual world

Project Partners dRisk and IPG will be testing the safety and applicability of the autonomous technology before it hits the roads. This will enable us to test the limits of the system and develop accurate safety documentation. Simulation is a key element to proving safety, particularly for the significant amount of edge cases there are in the real world and partnering with dRisk and IPG will reduce the development cycle and vastly improve the technology on the vehicles.

Remote Teleoperation

Supporting the human factors assessment around remote monitoring and control and also providing a potential avenue for fleet deployments via local authority transport as well as an on-road assessment site.


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